Wake-up call: the true cost of our electronic gadgets

Session 4

We looked at these images, and discussed what we could see in them.



We then used the 2012 Greenpeace guide to greener electronics to learn about the most and least green electronic industries (http://tinyurl.com/7lhr2j4).


7 Rs


and finally read about the 7Rs, ways in which we can be better consumers.




Session 5

In the final section I asked students to respond first in writing and then as speaking activity to the questions:

What did you use to think about electronic gadgets before these lessons?

What do you think now?

Some of the ideas shared:


“Wake-up call”: concept The Gaia Foundation, animation and visuals Steve Cutts

The 9 screenshots sequencing activity used with the video is adapted from two activities (Ordering the actions & Six-screenshot story) inKieran Donaghy’s book Film in Action: Teaching language using moving images (Delta Publishing).

The images shown in session 4 are from Marcus Bleasdale’s project “The Price of Precious” and Andrew McConnell’s project “Rubbish Dump 2.0“.


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