Know-ask-explore-learn: Independent inquiry & project work

Step 5 – The teacher steps in

In this stage I used a series of images to encourage better understanding of the Chernobyl accident. After showing each image there was a question students had to respond to individually or in pairs within a time limit of up to 7 minutes.


Image 1

You are a poet. You write a poem about Pripyat, your hometown. What are the 4-5 lines of the poem that refer to this image?


Children’s poems:



Image 2


Look at this image. Think of these adjectives: happy, sad, cold, frightening, threatening, scary, funny. Which ones best describe how you feel by looking at it?



Image 3



Give a title to this image.

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2 Responses to Know-ask-explore-learn: Independent inquiry & project work

  1. You are so inspiring! Excellent work !!!!


  2. Chrysa says:

    That’s very kind of you, thank you Evaggelia. I also hope there is something here for you worth taking away and maybe using in your own classroom. Editing the comment now… Just saw your nice blog. All the best with it!


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