Know-ask-explore-learn: Independent inquiry & project work

Step 1 – Know


Here the question was: What do we already know about Chernobyl? We shared our responses:

Step 2 –Ask


I then asked them: What questions do you want to ask about the Chernobyl accident?
We brainstormed some questions and recorded them.

Step 3 – Explore

ExploreThe next question was: How do you think we can explore these questions? The explore step is an idea from the Think-Puzzle-Explore thinking routine which again encourages learners to connect to prior knowledge and lays the gound for independent inquiry.

Step 4- Reporting back

Students worked on the question/s of their choice at home. During the reporting stage, they presented their answers, answered their classmates’ questions and took notes of the responses shared in class.

They also drew the moment of the accident as they imagined it.

2 thoughts on “Know-ask-explore-learn: Independent inquiry & project work”

  1. That’s very kind of you, thank you Evaggelia. I also hope there is something here for you worth taking away and maybe using in your own classroom. Editing the comment now… Just saw your nice blog. All the best with it!


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