Images on Canvas – The Image Conference Cordoba

At the end of November I attended and presented at the Image Conference in Cordoba, Spain. The Conference is an event that puts media and images at the heart of language learning. This year it was organised by International House Cordoba. It was a valuable and thought-provoking experience. 

I shared my experience from a classroom project with my 6th grade primary school students, the Art in the English Class Project. It ran in parallel with the syllabus. During the project, we went coursebook free and drew upon paintings, photography, video, and poetry. We worked on five topics over a period of six months: Bullying, Hope, War/Peace, Asperger’s & Autism, School. Thinking routines were regularly integrated among the activities and students wrote systematically learning journals. The project yielded nice results in encouraging children’s creative and critical thinking, and motivated them. It was a memorable learning experience for them and me alike.

PPT for the conference session

Feedback from participants

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